UV Resin Thin Flex
UV Resin Thin Flex New Pro UV Resin Thin Flex

UV Resin Thin Flex

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The Pro Sportfisher UV Resin Thin Flex is a low viscosity UV resin that cures clear and provides superior adhesion. The resin comes in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. The Thin Flex version has superior properties when you need the resin to penetrate deep into the materials, or when you just need a thin coating to strengthen a fly or a Pro Sportfisher Shrimp Shell.

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The Pro Sportfisher UV Resin’s superior adhesion properties ensure very strong and durable flies and when used to glue on Pro Sportfisher Attitude Eyes or as a coating over a Pro Sportfisher FlexiSkin, you can rely on ultimate durability. For the creative fly tyer there’s the sky’s the limit in terms of where and how to use Pro Sportfisher UV Resin.

As the name implies the Thin Flex remains flexible, even when fully cured which also adds greatly to its durability.

Pro Sportfisher UV Resin Thin Flex specs

  • Comes in 14ml/0.5oz precision squeezebottle w/ stew cap.
  • Easy to use, cures fast and clear.
  • Superior adhesion strength.
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