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UV Resin Builder

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Pro Sportfisher UV Resin comes in two versions - Thin Flex and Builder. Thin Flex cures flexible and clear and is the right choice for clear, thin, even coats.

Builder is thicker in viscosity and allows the fly tyer to build up thicker coats.

Both have superior adhesion qualities.


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Unlike the Thin Flex, the Builder is a high viscosity UV resin that gives the fly tier more freedom to build up thicker coats or shapes of UV resin before curing. With its high viscosity, the Builder can be manipulated after application to the fly to the desired shape before it’s cured. This makes it the ultimate choice for building up shrimp bodies, Gammarus bodies and more.

Pro Sportfisher UV Resin Builder specs:

  • Comes in 14ml/0.5oz precision squeeze-bottle w/ stew cap.
  • Easy to use, cures fast and clear.
  • Superior adhesion strength.
  • Use for tasks where a high build is desired
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