Become a dealer

Thank you for considering becoming a dealer of Pro Sportfisher products. 

If you have a retail shop it's quite easy to become a Pro Sportfisher Dealer. 

We have for the past decade, had distribution centers across the globe to serve our key markets in a swift day to day delivery manor. The Pro distributor offers domestic customer service, and have great knowledge of the market you operate in. The distributor will give you as shop advice on what assortment would most likely sell well, and where it is geographically possible, do demos that will show the endless possibilities that the lineup of Pro fly tying materials. 

The distributor will supply all relevant materials such as price lists, access to the picture database etc. so you can get going 

You can find the distributors under the tap "Pro Fly Shops"  in the main menu, and by clicking the regional flag representing your location. At the top, you will find the contact information to the distributor in charge of your particular area. 

If you are placed in a region that is not covered by a Pro distribution center, you can become a direct customer serviced directly from Pro Sportfisher's main stock which is placed in Denmark. 

The process is fast and simple. 

  1. Go to and create a profile with your business credentials.
  2. After creation send us a mail which briefly describes your shop or operation and we will within 24 hours approve and assign you to the right customer group

After this process, you just need to log in when you shop here in order to get the right pricing. 




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