pro-shrimp TAN

pro-Shrimp PINK

Pro 3D Shrimp Shell is a brand new cutting-edge product made on the same base material as our Pro FlexiSkin sheets. It is a ultra realistic shrimp "pattern" printed, several layers of clear UV-resin and then cut into the perfect shape - ready to put on top of a dubbing-body and attach it with a nylon-rib - done!



The Pro 3D Shrimp Shell comes in five differnet sizes; L: 64 mm / M: 54 mm / S: 45 mm / X-S: 35 mm / XX-S: 25 mm. And available in the following colors.

STD purple-pink STD orange-brown STD olive-brown STD tan-brown STD clear-pink StD clear-tan
Purple on pink base
Brown on orange base
Brown on olive base
Light brown on tan base
Pink on clear base
Clear on tan base
STD brown-clear
STD pink-clear
STD red-dots
STD Tutti-Frutti
STD black-dots
Clear on brown base
Clear on pink base
Red dots on clear base
Tutti frutti dots
on clear base
Black dots on clear base

After the succes with the original 3D Shrimp shell we have had several requests from guys that wanted a shorter version and more compact version that better suits the short shank saltwaterhooks, used for Bonefish, permit, snook etc.
So we went back to the drawing board and designed a brand new model that is shorter, have bigger and more dominant eyes and a very cool dotted pattern with clear "holes". The result is the PRO 3D SHRIMP SHELL COMPACT.

The Pro 3D Shrimp Shell - COMPACT versions comes in three differnet sizes; L: 44 mm / M: 37 mm / S: 30 mm.
And available in the following colors.
BG brown-olive brown-dots BG clear tan-dots BG pink brown-dots BG tan - brown-dots
Olive base with
brownline dots
Clear base with
brownline dots
Pink base with
brownline dots
Tan base with
brownline dots


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