The Swimming Nymph is designed to imitate the ephemeropterea-nymphs in a free-swimming stage in the water, rising to become a hatched insect. As our Stone Clinger, the Swimming Nymph Shell is printed, precut and domed with UC-gloss on the head-part. The body for the fly is made of a thin precut rib with a darker gradient line for giving segmentation to the nymph-body. Tied on a curved “swimming-nymph” hook with a dubbing front body gives the fly a very realistic look, and again a very fast-tied fly in just a moment.

Tying the Pro Swimming Nymph

Mustad 80150BR - Swimming nymph
Tungsten lead wire
Pheasant tail fibres
Fly Rite Dub; Pale Olive and the Two Toned Rib that follows the Swimming Nymph shell)
SLF Spikey dubbing, Bleached Ginger


swimming-sbs-1 swimming-sbs-2 swimming-sbs-3 swimming-sbs-4 swimming-sbs-5 swimming-sbs-6
Tie in weight underneath the hook and attach three split pheasant fibres as tail.
Attach the following two-toned rib, and shape a tapered body of dubbing - wrap the ribbing around all the way to the bend.
Measure with the front shell of the Pro Swimming Nymph product, how long the ribbing should go.
Tie in the shell, reversed and up-side-down and form a thorax of dubbing, fold the shell backward and use the thread to tie down the shell.
Brush the thorax, finish the fly and secure the wraps with varnish.
The Swimming Nymph - as seen from top.


The Pro Swimming Nymph Shell comes in three differnet sizes; L, M and S. And available in the following colors.
swimming-nymph-brown swimming-nymph-olive swimming-nymph-yellow
Swimming Nymph Shell - Black on yellow
Swimming Nymph Shell - Brown on yellow
Swimming Nymph Shell - Olive on yellow


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