Stonefly brown


We have created a total kit for stoneflies, a “kit-sheet” containing the Stone Fly Nymph Shells, but with the extra feature as precut legs, all still with gloss-doming, but also a rib is attached to the sheet. To this kit, you just need to add a hook, weight, materials for the tail and some dubbing, and you can create super realistic looking stoneflies.

Tying the Pro Stonefly Nymph

Mustad C53S - Long curved nymph
Tungsten wire
Goose biots
Two Toned Nymph Rib
Pro Stonefly Nymph Shell Kit with legs
Fly Rite Dub, Brown
SLF Spikey dubbing, Fox natural


stonefly-sbs-1 stonefly-sbs-2 stonefly-sbs-3 stonefly-sbs-4 stonefly-sbs-5
Wrap the tundsten wire around, or for making a flat and wide body, tie in strips on strips on each side of the hook.
Add a small bulk of dubbing for spreading the tail. 
Make a thin body of dubbing for base for the rib. Let the thin dark line give the bodysegmentation.
Adjust the length of the headpart, by measuring with Stonefly Shell no. 1. The lenght of the shell should reach to the eye of the hook, this gives the right proportions of the shells. 
Before attaching the shell, make a dubbingpart underneath the shell and then tie the shell on top.
stonefly-sbs-9 stonefly-sbs-10
Do the same with the No. 2 shell. 
Mount two goose biots as antennas. Tie in the shell No. 3 reversed and upside-down at the eye-point.
Form the front of the thorax with dubbing and pull the shell backwards.
Finish off the fly, by attaching it with a turn of the thread, brush the dubbing out, and secure the tie in point with varnish.
The finished Stone Fly - seen from top.


The Pro 3D Shrimp Shell comes in five differnet sizes; L: 64 mm / M: 54 mm / S: 45 mm / X-S: 35 mm / XX-S: 25 mm. And available in the following colors.
Stonefly-shell black Stonefly-shell brown Stonefly-shell olive
 Nymph Shell - Black on yellow
Nymph Shell - Brown on yellow base
Nymph Shell - Olive on yellow
crop-two-toned-rib black
crop-two-toned-rib brown
crop-two-toned-rib olive
Nymph Rib - Black on yellow base
Nymph Rib - Brown on yellow base
Nymph Rib - Olive on yellow base




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