Stoneflies is often considered as one of the most difficult type of flies to imitate for the trout and grayling fishing. We have been looking on the different types and methods for tying stoneflies and have not found a easy-to-tie way of making stoneflies yet – so we decided to change that fact... As the rest of our nymph-product line the Stone Fly Nymph Shell is a printed, precut and domed with UV-gloss, combined with our Two-toned Nymph Rib, you have a perfect kit for creating realistic looking stone flies in actually no time... The Stone Fly Nymph Shells consists of three individual pieces, each one numbered with, 1, 2 and 3 – the idea is that “No.1” should reach all the way to the eye of the hook, “No. 3” is tied in reversed and flipped backwards and tied in - “No. 2” is tied in-between 1 and 3, this gives the correct proportions of the original stonefly. It is then up to you how much extra you want, legs etc. but still a “five-minutes-stonefly” that looks like a one-hour job...

See tying instructions of how the Stone Fly is tied with the Pro Stone Fly Nymph Kit (with printed and precut legs) here or the Adult Stone Fly as a hatched insect with wing here.

The Pro Stonefly Nymph Backs comes in five differnet sizes; L, M, S, X-S and XX-S. And available in the following colors.
stonefly-back-black stonefly-back-brown stonefly-back-olive
Stonefly back - Yellow on black
Stonefly back - Yellow on brown
Stonefly back - Yellow on olive


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