Our goal with our new trout-products for both nymph and dry flies is for everyone to make realistic looking flies in a few minutes. We admire the super realistic art-flies and the tiers behind these perfect looking flies, but when it comes to flies for catching fish, we would like to have more simple type of flies that still looks like “the real stuff”. For that goal we have designed and produced a range of new innovative products for that kind of fishing flies – flies that look great and can handle to catching fish after fish...

The Stone Clinger nymph shell is ideal for making imitations of the common ephemeropterea nymphs, produced with advanced print-technology, precut and with UV-gloss to create a realistic looking finish on the fly. The idea is that the back-shell is to be put on top of a dubbing body and attached with a rib. The thorax or front body is typically created with long fibred dubbing and perhaps rubber legs or hackle fibers as legs.  The head-part is flipped backwards for creating a perfect looking head-part of the Stone Clinger nymph – ready in few minutes.

Tying the Pro Stone Clinger

Mustad R72 - Long nymph
Tungsten lead wire
Pheasant tail fibres
Monofil nylon or tying thread
Body and backshell:
Pro Stone Clinger Nymph Shell
Fly Rite Dub, Pale Olive
SLF Spikey dubbing, Golden Olive


stoneclinger-sbs-1 stoneclinger-sbs-2 stoneclinger-sbs-3 stoneclinger-sbs-4
Tie in weight underneath the hook and attach three split pheasant fibres as tail.
Mount a rib, make a thin dubbingbody or end up with the thread at the tail if you will use it as a rib. Place the Stone Clinger shell on top of the nymphbag, and secure it with the rib.
Tie in the head-section of the nymph-shell reversed and upside-down in front of the fly. Make a thicker thorax of dubbing and fold the shell backwards and secure it with the tying thread.
Finish of the fly, and secure the thread with varnish.


The Pro Stone Clinger Nymph Shell comes in three differnet sizes; L, M and S. And available in the following colors.
stone-clinger-brown stone-clinger-d.tan stone-clinger-olive
Swimming Nymph Shell - Brown on yellow
Swimming Nymph Shell - D.tan on olive
Swimming Nymph Shell - Brown on olive


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